igarashitm, a Japanese software engineer writes something in English here.

Moving to Japan - Thanks to everybody I met in US

Finally, I need to accept the end of living in US. It has been the most amazing time in my life. I miss lots of beautiful historic structure in Boston city, and full of greenery once I just go 30 minutes away from the city.

In winter, not only I love to do snowboarding, but also I love the snowscape itself here. Snow plowing was also a kind of fun to me.

Summer, I regret that it was just only once to go to the Tanglewood Music Festival, and I couldn't go to Boston Symphony Hall at last.

People. I love people I met here in US. I remember somebody said to me that the service and staff in US is terrible, But I clearly disagree. I know the staff like waiter or operator is always polite in Japan, but they are just reading a manual, right? I love to be served by person, and I could in US. Yeah, there were a few impolite person, but I could just talk to other good person.

And Red Hat. I'm honored to have worked with them. They are highly motivated, professional and fun to talk - my poor English doesn't produce any joke, so I just have been listening though. I'll never dispose the "I miss you" mail from them so that I can see it when I'm captured into death march ;)

Bye for now, everybody and everything in US. Thank you so much so far. I'll see you again.