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igarashitm, a Japanese software engineer writes something in English here.


Connecting to HornetQ via remote JNDI provider

Today I have been trying to make my SwitchYard example application connected to remote HornetQ, succeeded with following. Add JNDI properties to the InitialContext This piece is mentioned by Justin on this thread: https://community.jboss.o…

Playing around with SwitchYard on OpenShift Express

Prerequisite Fedora16 environment SwitchYard OpenShift account Install OpenShift Express Client Tools yum install rubygem-rhc Cr…

Debugging around JBossWS & apache-cxf without JBoss instance on Eclipse

Just a note for debugging SWITCHYARD-600. Don't forget to mkdir ${project}/resources and add it to the build path. Download&import following projects into Eclipse workspace…